What You Need to know about a building inspection

Most consultants will require at least 2-3 days notice to perform a construction inspection.

When arranging your building inspection report, ensure to give yourself sufficient time to create a decision. This can allow you to decide whether the property is worth purchasing. There could be little point in spending money on conveyancing till you understand the status of the property.

Inspections done throughout the cooling-off period

When you purchase a property in NSW there’s a 5 business day cooling-off period once you exchange contracts. In this period, you have the choice to escape the contract so long as you provide written notice. The cooling-off period starts after you trade and ends at 5 pm on the fifth working day.

A cooling-off period doesn’t apply if you purchase a property at auction or exchange contracts on the same day as the auction after it’s passed in.

If you wish to find a building inspection done through the cooling-off period, ensure to provide the adviser as much notice as possible. They will need to do the review, prepare the report and give you time to create a decision. Should you decide not to get the property you’ll also need time to have a letter to the seller or their agent, stating that you’re withdrawing from the contract.

Other Kinds of reports

Check with the construction consultant on what advice they generally include in their in-house inspection reports and notify the consultant if you need additional information. Building & Pest Inspection brisbane are another type of report you can get.

While the building inspection report must identify any visual damage caused by termite activity, it will not contain the discovery of whether termites and other wood destroying bugs still exist.

You should think about obtaining a pest inspection done in addition to the construction inspection, particularly if the property is situated within an area where termites are known to be an issue.

Pre-sale (seller ) building reports

Vendors will sometimes receive a building study on the property they’re selling so that they can give it to interested buyers. While this may be helpful, it’s better from the point of view to get your own independent report.

If You’re Not satisfied

If you’re dissatisfied with any part of the report or your dealings with a consultant, you should first attempt to resolve the issue with them or their business. If they’re members of a business association you might have the ability to get assistance from that institution to solve the dispute.

If you purchase the property and later realize that there are problems which weren’t identified in the building inspection report, you might need to seek legal counsel about your position, especially if the adviser’s negligence ends up costing you plenty of money.

If you can demonstrate that the adviser was negligent in performing the review, it is possible to take legal actions against them.

It’s therefore strongly suggested that you use consultants that have sufficient insurance cover, especially for professional indemnity.

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