IMBcom Staff Profiles

IMBcom has an experienced professional team whose mission is to commercialise the IMB's research outcomes in co-operation with scientific inventors. Working closely with scientists, IMBcom uses a strategic approach to commercialisation, combining the protection and management of intellectual property with professional analysis of business development pathways, technology development and investment.

Dr Peter Isdale, CEO
Peter Isdale was appointed Chief Executive Officer of IMBcom Pty Ltd in 2003, following the retirement of the inaugural CEO, Professor Peter Andrews, who is now Queensland's Chief Scientist. He is a former Business Director at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia's national marine research agency, directing the strategic development of AIMS' business and commercial interests, and managing the Institute's legal and intellectual property affairs. He is also a former Principal Research Scientist at AIMS who is the author or co-author of more than 30 papers in his special field of research.

He has 18 years experience in the operation and governance of both private, public and ASX- listed companies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Rim. He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Isdale currently holds the positions of non-executive Director, Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation, non-executive Director of ElaCor Pty Ltd, Chairman of The Wetlands and Grasslands Foundation, Senior Fellow of the Chaiyong Limthongkul Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand and Adjunct Professor, Department of Land Development and Environmental Planning, School of Architecture, Texas A&M University.

He holds a B.A. with First Class Honours and a PhD in Marine Geomorphology, (1982) from James Cook University of North Queensland.

Dr Peter Riddles, Deputy CEO
Peter has broad experience in commercialisation of biotechnology and in the governance and management of start-up biotechnology companies. In IMBcom, he is responsible for the general coordination of the business development activities and for developing and managing alliances with major companies and organisations. He is also the Founder and past President of AusBiotech, Australia's Biotechnology Organisation, is a member of the Biological Sub-committee of the IR&D Board, and is a member of the Queensland Biotechnology Advisory Council. He is a Director of start-up biotechnology companies, Nanomics Biosystems, Nephrogenix and Kalthera. Peter is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Perkins Resources, the Australian leader for recruitment in science and technology based organisations.

Mr Michael Finney, Vice President - Commercial Development and Company Secretary
Michael is Vice President - Commercial Development and Company Secretary at IMBcom, having been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of UniQuest Pty Ltd for many years. At UniQuest, he applied his strong intellectual property and management training to the successful commercialisation of many seed and early stage technologies. He is an experienced Commercial Manager with a multi-disciplinary background and international business experience throughout SE-Asia, Asia Pacific and the USA in technology commercialisation and operations. Michael has consulted to several public and private companies in the fields of new venture business development, investment management, business structuring, contract negotiation, corporate governance, and strategic planning and implementation. He holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and Juris Doctor from the University of Queensland, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Michael is also a non-executive director of Impedimed Limited and Mimetica Pty Limited.

Dr Katherine Nielsen, Manager, Intellectual Property & Development
Kathy manages the intellectual property and development group, with responsibility for IMBcom’s diverse IP portfolio, identifying and advancing business opportunities arising from IMB research. She fosters close relations between IMB researchers, business and legal professionals to develop appropriate development avenues and attract funds for IP commercialisation. Kathy has been involved in the establishment of several IMBcom new ventures and the progression of relevant commercial milestones. She provides IP management and strategic advice to several biotech companies with links to IMBcom. Kathy has accumulated several years experience in many facets of the biotechnology industry in Australia and overseas, from research in drug design, pharmaceutical manufacturing and technology commercialisation; from nanotechnology to natural products and medicinal chemistry. Kathy is a Director and Executive Officer of ElaCor Pty Ltd. She holds a PhD (Monash University), a Master of Pharmacy (Victorian College of Pharmacy) and a Master of Intellectual Property Law (Melbourne University).

Ms Sam Cobb, Senior Development Officer
Sam works closely with IMB scientists, industry partners and IMBcom team members to identify new opportunities and develop strategies for projects at various stages of the IMB pipeline. Sam develops a strategic approach through analysis, recommending and pursuing processes for further development of projects based not only on project management but also coordination of the analysis of business development opportunities. Sam has completed a Masters of Applied Law specialising in IP and the Australian Institute of Company Directors course. Sam has five years experience as a project manager in a commercial biotechnology R&D environment, developing diagnostic products for FDA and TGA approval. Sam is also Executive Officer for one of IMBcom's start-up companies, Nephrogenix.

Dr Fiona McMillan, Deputy Manager, Intellectual Property and Development
Fiona is involved in the identification and development of commercial opportunities arising from IMB research. In addition to assisting with the management of IMBcom's IP portfolio, she plays a major role in facilitating project due diligence and providing quality technology, IP, and market appraisals. Her role requires working closely with scientists and outside parties to identify opportunities, and coordinate resulting projects through their development and ultimate commercialisation. Through these activities, she has also been involved in the establishment of the IMBcom biotech start-up company ElaCor Pty Ltd. A former post-doctoral scientist at the IMB, Fiona has a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Structural Biology from Brandeis University and a B.Sc. in Physics from Furman University, both in the USA. She has extensive experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, and computational drug design.

Ms Christine Lane, Manager of Strategic Development
Christine assists the team in developing and securing commercial and financial opportunities working in conjunction with the patent and development areas to provide complete support of commercialisation from patent through development, financing and technology transfer. This includes the development of pipeline projects through working with IMB PIs to identify, assess and submit commercial development grants. Christine also develops strategies and policies relating to financial and grant management and other business and information related operations. Christine combines many years of commercial experience in the University environment and the biotechnology and medical research industry in Australia and overseas including Pacific Biotechnology Ltd, Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Ltd, and McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Ms Jessica Hamlyn, Commercialisation Officer
Jessica is involved in the coordination and delivery of objectives set for the Commercialisation and New Ventures group. She is responsible for identification and liaison with investors and potential partners matching them with appropriate commercial projects initiated from the high quality research conducted at the IMB. Jessica works with the IMBcom team in the provision of business planning and drafting of proposals for investor assessment leading to the establishment of pharmaceutical partnerships and new venture start-ups. Jessica is Company Secretary for two of IMBcom's start-up companies, Kalthera Pty Ltd and Cyclagen Pty Ltd. Jessica has a Biotechnology Innovations (Hons) degree, which integrates both science and business disciplines enabling an detailed understanding of the interrelation. Email:

Mrs Kellie Broderick, Office Manager
Kellie manages the Human Resources of the organisation. The management of a core function of the IMBcom, the coordination and design of a quality program of education to the IMB about the protection, development and management of IMB's intellectual property is also one of her major roles. In addition, Kellie's role is to use the IMBcom's industry networks to bring the experience of successful entrepreneurs from the world of bioscience to the educational program. Kellie also has a strong human resource and executive management background gained both in Australia and abroad. Email:

Ms Alison Clark, Executive Assistant
Alison is responsible for coordination and organisation of the activities of the Executive, including administrative and secretarial support to the Chief Executive Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of IMBcom. Alison administers all travel requirements for the IMBcom team and is also is responsible for assisting with management of company's financial systems. Alison has over fifteen years experience in all levels of office management, encompassing corporate and personal liaison at national and international levels, including ten years as Executive Assistant to the high-profile Australian owners and co-directors of a family business. Alison also has many years experience as a key member of an organising team who conceived, developed and executed many successful charity events which have raised significant funds. Email:

Ms Catherine Benham, Commercial Administrative Assistant
Catherine provides administrative and secretarial support to the Vice President, Senior Development Officer, Manager of Strategic Development, Commercialisation Officer of IMBcom and the Executive Officer of Nephrogenix. Catherine's duties also extended to assisting the Visiting Research Manager in trans-Tasman collaborations. Prior to commencing with IMBcom Pty Ltd in September 2002, Catherine was the Executive Officer to the Director-General of a State Government Department for over seven years. Catherine has also worked for numerous State Government Departments including Education, Housing, Local Government and Planning where she undertook various positions including those of Administrative Assistant, Registrar, Executive Secretary and Management Support Officer while undertaking part-time studies for an Associate Diploma of Business Management.

Ms Olivia Teed, Intellectual Property Support and Marketing Coordinator
Olivia provides assistance to the Intellectual Property and Development team in the area of patent and agreement administration. Olivia's other responsibilities include coordinating and implementing the IMBcom marketing strategy. Olivia is also the Company Secretary for one of IMBcom's start-up companies, ElaCor Pty Ltd. Prior to joining IMBcom Pty Ltd Olivia has had extensive reference, research and marketing experience working for multi-national fund management and accounting firms in London, Moscow and Brisbane. Olivia's qualifications are in IT Multi-Media, Business Administration and Library Science.