IMBcom utilises the unique pipeline of research activities from genomics to pharmaceuticals to build relationships and alliances with industry and the investment community. Investment opportunities are available through our start-up and spin-off companies as well as through a number of commercial research projects.

The IMB generates a fund of ideas, many of which lend themselves to innovation and commercialisation with the prospect of leading to new medical treatments, highly valuable health diagnostic products, and novel biomedical and other technologies. IMBcom is the value-adding innovation carrier for these ideas. We are currently developing a number of new discoveries into tangible commercial projects. These projects are excellent opportunities for collaboration or investment in the areas of anti-cancer, anti-obesity, drug delivery, anti-inflammation, renal regeneration, anti-HIV, crop protection, biodiscovery, and even renewable energy. A number of these projects are described below - clicking on any project title will take you to a full page brochure describing the technology and opportunities for that project.


In keeping with the fast pace of discovery at the IMB, IMBcom's project portfolio is constantly being updated and expanded. Please contact IMBcom for the latest information.