About IMBcom

Drawing on the research base of the premier biotechnology research institute in Australia - the University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) - IMBcom occupies a leading position in the business of commercialising biotechnology. The IMB takes a multi-disciplinary approach to develop diverse programs combining research focused on bioinformatics, genomics, developmental biology, structural biology and drug design leading to outcomes of value to industry and the community. The IMB and IMBcom are the focus of Australia's growth biotech centres at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

IMBcom promotes excellence in commercialisation within the Institute, and scientists embrace a culture that recognises the value of commercialisation as a benefit both for the community and for the industry linkages that are created. IMB staff and students access education and training in intellectual property and commercialisation through programs developed by IMBcom.

In the commercialisation process, IMBcom works closely with scientists to develop an intimate knowledge of their research directions and commercial potential, thus enabling scientific and commercial goals to be jointly achieved. IMBcom brings appropriate partners together for generating outcomes of value to the biotechnology industry including lead therapeutics and new technologies. The IMBcom staff members are dedicated to developing and managing a portfolio of collaborations with industry, government and other research organisations. IMBcom can also establish specific research and development programs matched to a client's needs.

IMBcom is actively involved in establishing and developing new biotechnology startups, and has played a leading role in creating eight start-up companies in the past three years, as well as forging collaborative relationships with major international companies. IMBcom is interested in seeking alliances with organisations and partners from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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